When I was shivering in the freezing wind during the Berlin Christmas Parade, watching the camels strolling down main street between the hundreds of spectators lining both sides of the road, I knew there was no better place to kick off the holidays than Holmes County.  The street lamps illuminated the idyllic setting as carolers were pulled through on a beautifully decorated gazebo and the local high-school band serenaded everyone with songs of the season.  Through all the political conflicts bombarding us these days, this place is like a blast from the past with the basics of life still a priority.  What a refreshing and peaceful scene!  And the snowflakes started to fall as if on cue.

In the following weeks more celebrations took place.  The Journey to Bethlehem in Walnut Creek is such a fun time, I’m already thinking ahead to next Christmas and which out-of-town relatives could be induced to come visit and enjoy it with us.  Then there was the Holiday Cookie Tour with local inns and B & Bs.  Delicious fun!  The Christmas Concert at The Amish Country Theater was sold-out and well worth it.

Simply driving through Winesburg, Walnut Creek, Berlin, and Millersburg to see all the luminaries, candles in the windows, and holiday cheer in the shops  is sufficient to inspire even Scrooge to have a good time.  I am always thrilled that the birth of a savior all those years ago in a tiny stable in a town thousands of miles away was the inspiration for all this celebration centuries after the fact.  No amount of commercialization can make that null and void.

So now that the holidays are over we have an Ohio winter to face.  Being one of those creatures that loves the snow I enjoy hunkering down and finding something fun to do in whatever the weather throws at me.  Fortunately for me, I live in a place where sleigh rides are available, fireplaces abound, and an outdoor bonfire is always possible.  I think I’ll fix myself a steaming mug of hot chocolate, grab a book, head for an easy chair and let the wind howl in the trees outside.

Ferngully Creek is beautiful no matter what the season and we’d love to share it with you!