I have never managed to memorize the names of all the faithful perennials scattered about in my flowerbeds but I had to snap a photo of these when I was at the Cherry Blossom cabin yesterday. My methodology in horticulture is to buy plants I find at garage sales in the spring, most of them stuck in a used grocery sack and without identifying monikers.

Since I did not inherit the green thumb my brother Tobe was born with, there is no rhyme or reason in my planting. I just stick whatever I have purchased on a given day into the barest spot in the bed and see what happens. For the first year or so, my perennials often look more like random weeds than intentional growth.  When I planted some ground cover several years ago I also popped in a few mysterious varieties of flowering greenery that struck my fancy. The ones that are doing the best? These beauties that I have no memory of planting. I’m thinking they were tag-alongs, attached to something else that caught my eye and received the stick-it-in-the-dirt treatment.

However they got there and whatever their name, they are a feast for the eyes.