Living in Holmes County, site of the world’s largest Amish community has its advantages. There are always plenty of delicious carbs on the menu no matter where you choose to eat. There are limitless resources available if you need skilled craftsmen. The landscape, dotted with beautiful farms, is nostalgic and spectacular. And there is always a festival going on somewhere.

June 21st will be the fifth annual Benton Days, an event Paul and I enjoy every year. With mouthwatering BBQ chicken, home-made ice-cream, and live music, it’s a great atmosphere to catch up with the neighbors and make new friends. Local talent on the music menu includes Roy D’s Granddaughters, Abe Yoder, Daughters of Grace and John Schmid.

In the past the legendary Amish volleyball tournaments boasted some serious talent. While this year’s event will not have volleyball (due to scheduling conflicts) the fierce corn hole competitions will be worth watching.  The proceeds from these events usually benefit someone in need in the community. It’s great to see the many young people that turn out for the fun and the cause. And it’s better than watching the pro teams for entertainment value.

Cities have a lot to offer but I’m thinking so do small towns. I can almost taste that chicken already!  It all starts at 4:30 pm.  See you there!                                                                                                                                                                        Photos courtesy of JD Schrock