A recent find, an old ice-cream freezer, finds new life as a unique and eye-catching vase.

Two days from now it’s time for the Benton Garage Sales! Thursday and Friday, June 13th and 14th come stroll around this quaint little town and snag a few bargains while you’re at it!

I don’t know if this is unique to Holmes County or if it’s a phenomenon that’s spread across the country but community yard sales are a big hit around our area. At one time my daughter Jaimee’ and I would set out on a treasure hunt with a high-lighted newspaper and a map hoping to find two or three sales in a day. Now we just watch the local paper to see which town is exploding with deals. No need for a GPS or detailed directions. If you can find the town you can just follow the balloons and the brightly colored signs.

Not only is it fun to see what bargains we can find. It’s almost certain we will run into friends and neighbors who frequent the yard-sale circuit with the same enthusiasm we do. We can share a laugh about some of the humorous items we’ve seen, boast about some of our more impressive finds, and munch on delicious baked goods for sale amidst the relics from local attics.

It doesn’t cost much to have a priceless time.