Every year my daughter Jaimee’ and I hit the Sugarcreek yard sales. I’m not sure of the exact number of garages filled with treasures but it seems like a hundred. After shopping at only a small fraction of them last Friday morning my vehicle was loaded and I headed home.

Sugarcreek Yard Sale Weekend has become famous in the area and is usually the second weekend in May. It seems that’s the same weekend it usually rains as well but never enough to dampen the spirits of the bargain hunters. This year we lucked out. It rained heavily during the night, stayed overcast but dry throughout the day, and rained heavily again in the evening. Saturday was pretty much a repeat of Friday. Even the weatherman, it seems, is getting into the spirit of things.

I found a bonanza of decorative items, a brand-new radio system I had tried to buy on Black Friday without success, and a box-full of toys and books for the grandbabies. These days, especially if you find the right places, yard sale finds are not old, beat-up, heavily used items. All the toys and books I found looked like new; a quick cleaning with bleach wipes and the loot had the kids reliving Christmas.

I’m already looking forward to next year.